We create vibrant, quirky and unique content that tells the story of your brand

Through our services in photography, videography and styling, we’ll bring your food and products to life with stunning scenes that attract, engage and sell.

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We organise all aspects of your project including concept design, prop sourcing, talent hire, shooting and post production whilst ensuring all projects are delivered within your project timeline.

Conceptualising & Creative Styling

Immersive photography and video that tells a story through props, symbolism, colour and design. We create unique scenes that will captivate your customers.


This is where things get fun. Our team of creative professionals work collectively to bring our shoot concepts to life. We’ll style each and every set, and play with light and texture to suit the overall theme of your products and brand.

Editing & Retouching

Most of the magic happens in post-production. In our last stage of the photography process, we spend the time to turn the imagery we created into the attention-grabbing visual content for your brand. And we do that all before delivering everything to you.


Your videos, animated illustrations and stop motions will be unique to your specific brand and content needs, and because of that, we’ll always offer a customised approach.

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About Harmeet Kaur


I’m Harmeet.

I’m a photographer and a passionate lover of aesthetics and colours.

I believe Life Isn’t Always Magical, But Creative Content Can Be.

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